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AAA (American Automobile Association)

“Do you capitalize on vendor benefits? Read this!”  

Many of the providers you work with supply resources for their clients. Do you have a membership plan with AAA? Do you take advantage of their resources? AAA membership provides you with vehicle towing, flat tire service, battery jump start, anytime roadside assistance and more resources right for you.  

Do you know the benefits you have available at USB Payment Processing?   

We offer many value added benefits such as Staples Advantage Account, FedEx shipping program, Maryland Local Deals and Profitcomm.  USB can help you by; Staples Advantage Account provides all their members with savings of up to 15% on any office supplies, furniture and equipment.  FedEx, you can save up to 27% on any FedEx services that you use such as FedEx Express, Ground and Home Delivery.  Maryland Local Deals is a local business who promotes other local businesses to bring new customers to our merchants. Also, Profitcomm assists businesses in the right direction on finding and managing the proper technology vendor that’s right for them.  

 We are here to help you grow within your business by saving you time and money.    

Click here to learn more about your benefits- or if you are not a client, we can help!   


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