Does your business comply with federal, state, and other information security regulations?

Our PCI program provides services that help merchants become and remain compliant, even as PCI DSS requirements change. We are certified PCI compliant company and follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

It’s important to understand that while PCI compliance protects both merchants and cardholders, there is no law requiring it. However, PCI compliance is a contractual obligation between merchants and the five major card brands that comprise the PCI SSC, and noncompliant merchants who experience a data breach are subject to fines, expensive audits, other associated costs and, perhaps most significantly, a direct and potentially fatal hit to their business reputation.


It is critical that you take a few short steps immediately to validate PCI Compliance for your company.

Your login is your merchant number. The temporary password is: compliance101. You may contact Control Scan at 800-571-3928 if you have any questions about the survey. Once you complete the survey, the Payment Card Industry will be notified that you are compliant. 

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