With countless businesses moving their operations online, the need for fast, secure processing options continues to grow.


Link USB with your website for easy online payments.

Using the computer’s web browser, an Internet connection and a USB card reader, a merchant first logs into Transaction Express’ secure website and then performs a variety of functions:

  • Process swiped retail transactions
  • Manually enter mail order/telephone order (MOTO) credit card transactions
  • Receive authorizations
  • Generate receipts
  • Issue refunds to a customer’s credit card
  • Capture previously authorized transactions
  • Set up automatic customer billing for recurring charges
  • Confirm transaction status
  • Upload batch files
  • Access, create and save a variety of standard and customizable reports
  • Multi-user permissions
  • We’re an dealer

I am a startup company, and USB’s virtual terminal helped me keep track of my inventory and customer base.


Small Business Owner

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