Finding an ideal medical payment processing solution for plastic surgery facilities can be difficult.

Discovering a payment processing solution that fits the specific needs of medical professionals, while also adhering to strict PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards and maintaining HIPPA compliant payment processing, can be hard. Finding one that does both of those things while also helping you retain customers, all without breaking the bank, can be near impossible.

Fortunately such a solution exists. Transaction Express is a full service virtual terminal powered by USB Payment Processing that fulfills all the needs for business payment processing in the plastic surgery field.

Medical services and payment processing are two very different industries that happen to share one major thing in common: regulations. Whether that means dealing with strict HIPAA requirements for patient’s medical records, or making sure the way you process payments meets the PCI DSS regulations for storing payment data, there are a lot of important details that you need to keep track of. If your business does not have the right solution, it can lead to a lot of wasted time and money, not to mention headaches for your staff.

This is why at USB Payment Processing, we take all of these regulations into consideration and make sure our clients have a payment process that is easy for their patients and staff.

Transaction Express is an entirely web based application; it does not require any expensive hardware or licenses and can be utilized on any device connected to the internet. You can run transactions or view reports at your front desk, in a back office, at home, or on the go using the award winning mobile app. In addition to running credit cards, Transaction Express can ACH money directly out of a patient’s checking or savings account. Combined with a recurring billing system and patient database, it’s easy to arrange payment plans, making collections a breeze. Furthermore, you can print receipts on site or e-mail them directly to your patient, cutting back on waste. You can also integrate Transaction Express directly into your existing website with a Pay Now button, allowing customers to make safe mobile payments without even calling into the office. All of this is protected by USB’s industry leading data security system, exceeding all HIPAA and PCI DSS data security standards.


We have been serving local businesses for twenty-four years. At USB Payment Processing, we provide advanced merchant services and a wide array of products to fit any need; we are truly a unique local company within the payment processing field. For years we have heard the same complaints from doctors; credit card processing services don’t fit their business model, software is too expensive, and they need something that can keep up with all the industry regulations. Transaction Express addresses all of those issues and is the perfect secure payment processing solution for the plastic surgery industry.