Accepting credit cards is necessary for merchants who want to be competitive in their market and grow their business to its greatest potential. The days of cash-only transactions are long gone. New technology has vastly expanded the scope of credit card processing to the point where there are practically no boundaries when it comes to closing a sale.

 At USB Payment Processing®, we understand that the process for accepting credit cards can be intimidating. That’s why we make it a top priority to educate clients like you on the basics of merchant accounts and credit card processing, and to provide you with the best merchant services and solutions at competitive prices.


Start by educating yourself. Explore our site and click on whatever looks interesting to you. A great place to begin is our Get a Merchant Account section where we lay out everything you need to know about choosing and setting up the right merchant account for your business needs. This important business arrangement between us lays the foundation for accepting credit card payments from your customers. We’ll set you up with all the necessary credit card processing technology, handle the authorization of your sales transactions and deposit the proceeds into your designated bank account, leaving you to concentrate on managing your business.

“Accepting credit cards can improve cash flow.”

Our website also offers a wealth of information about all the different types of credit card processing options we offer — point-of-sale retail, internet, wireless, mobile, laptop and by phone — and how they could meet your requirements. We stay on the cutting edge of the secure electronic payments industry to better serve merchants like you. From traditional POS retail to the latest solutions for e-commerce and mobile merchants, we can provide the solutions you need to operate your business at peak efficiency and productivity.

If you’re new to accepting credit cards, pay special attention to our Merchant Guide, answers to FAQs, and our Resources section that includes helpful and informative articles. And take the time to read our customer testimonials to get a first-hand account of our dedication to 24/7 U.S.-based customer support, competitive rates and secure technologies. If you’re already accepting credit cards but aren’t totally satisfied with the service or support you’re receiving from your current provider, check out our Change Your Merchant Account Provider page.


Accepting credit cards has numerous benefits for your business.
Here are our Top 10 favorites:

  • Accepting credit cards will often boost your current sales.
    Studies show that when businesses go from cash only to accepting credit cards, they see a corresponding increase in volume almost immediately.

  • It will legitimize your business.
    When you display credit card logos in your window or on your website as an accepted form of payment, they create a sense of familiarity and trust in potential customers’ minds. When a customer trusts you, they’ll do business with you.

  • Accepting credit cards can improve cash flow.
    Besides increased sales, your business will benefit by having the proceeds from payment card transactions deposited quickly in your bank account. No more waiting for checks to clear, or sending out time consuming invoices and waiting for payment. At USB Payment Processing, we typically get your money to you within 48 hours of the sale.

  • Over 90% of online purchases are made using credit cards.
    If you are selling ANYTHING on the web and you are not accepting credit cards, you are eliminating the vast majority of potential buyers.

  • Credit cards grab impulse buyers.
    Cardholders tend to be more affluent, buy more on impulse and make larger purchases because they’re not limited to spending just the cash in their wallet.

  • Convenience.
    Let your customers decide the most convenient way to buy from you. Besides the convenience factor, many customers want to use their credit cards to earn rewards associated with them, including airline miles, points towards merchandise and cash back. Cardholders are more likely to buy from a business that accepts credit cards than one that’s cash only. Don’t lose a customer to a competitor just because you don’t accept credit cards.

  • Cardholders generally spend more.
    The average order of someone paying with plastic tends to be larger than someone paying with cash or a check. Larger orders mean more profit for you.

  • Competition.
    Look around — your competition is already accepting credit cards. You need to accept cards to compete and survive.

  • A merchant account is relatively inexpensive, considering what it delivers.
    Credit card processing is a competitive industry, so even the smallest mom-and-pop outfit can find the right deal for accepting credit cards. The increase in sales that a business realizes when they start accepting credit cards will typically more than make up for their processing fees, so they come out ahead.

  • Quick and easy setup.
    any business owners think getting set up with a merchant account and services to accept credit cards is a long and tedious process. Not with USB Payment Processing! We can have you up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Now that you have a good grasp on the basics of merchant accounts and the benefits of accepting credit cards, get individualized advice from one of our expert merchant account consultants. As a full-service merchant services provider, we have helped hundreds of thousands of businesses with their credit card processing needs. Our business is built on honesty, integrity and a level of outstanding customer service and trust that has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Request a free quote — or call us at 410-828-4286 — and we’ll answer all your questions. Whatever your credit card processing needs, let us guide you to the best solutions for your business and your bottom line.

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