Today, there are more tech solutions for accepting credit cards than ever before, and it’s even more important for merchants to understand their options. As a merchant services provider, USB Payment Processing® stands at the forefront of credit card processing technology, ready to advise businesses on how to meet all their requirements with one comprehensive package of products and services.

Let’s start with credit card processing that allows you as a merchant to accept credit cards through a mobile device. Just download an app to your smartphone or tablet, add the recommended card reader, and you can start swiping credit and signature debit cards immediately. Whether you have a workforce in the field full time, or you want to be able to go mobile for specific events, the mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) option fits the bill. Benefit from immediate payment authorization and lower card-present processing rates wherever you go, whenever the sale arises. Email receipts to your customers, and manage refunds and voids directly from your cell phone or mobile device. Simple, easy, direct — that’s mobile credit card processing!

Another credit card processing innovation is the wireless option. Like mobile processing, wireless gives merchants and service providers the freedom to accept credit cards wherever they do business. Customers’ homes, outdoor venues and sporting events, food and beverage carts, open markets — any location where connectivity was an issue in the past is now open for business! Wireless credit card terminals slide into your pocket, so you’re ready to do business at a moment’s notice. The internal card reader saves you money by making every sale a card-present transaction that processes at a lower rate. Wireless credit card processing gives you access to new customers, potentially increasing your sales. It’s flexible and saves time — and in business, time is money.

You may want to consider updating your credit card processing with an electronic payment gateway that can cater to all your business needs, regardless of size or industry. All you need to get started is a computer, internet connection and an attachable USB card reader. Start processing all major credit cards and signature debit cards from a platform that supports multiple entry points, including virtual terminal, batch and shopping cart integration for online merchants.

Re-evaluate how you accept credit cards to discover if there’s a better way for your business. As your company evolves over time, your credit card processing system should keep pace. Talk to a USB Payment Processing® representative today and find out how you can benefit from all the new payment processing solutions we offer.

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