Credit cards remain popular with U.S. consumers. According to The Nilson Report, purchase volume for goods and services for the general purpose card brands in this country accounted for $5.142 trillion in transactions in 2016. Volume was up uniformly across all four major brands.

In this environment, all business owners — but particularly those with small businesses — need to make payment processing a part of their strategy for success. Whether your customers walk into your business, buy from you at an off-site venue or log onto your website from halfway around the world, you must be able to accept payment cards if you want to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

Luckily, getting started is simple with merchant services from USB Payment Processing. Our goal is to be more than just another expense or vendor; we want to build a lasting relationship by helping your business succeed.

Start with the right merchant account for your needs. If your business is a traditional face-to-face operation, a POS (point-of-sale) merchant account for retail credit card processing should meet all your requirements. Today’s compact countertop credit card machines are equipped with everything you need to process card-present transactions like a pro in virtually no time. Typically that’s a next-generation card reader and PIN pad plus an internet connection to your processor.

What if your business falls in the service industry category (plumber, electrician, landscaper or delivery, to name a few examples), or you’re a merchant who makes sales in the field (kiosks, food carts, sporting events, craft fairs)? A merchant account that allows mobile credit card processing provides you with the freedom to go where your customers are.

Has your business gone virtual, tapping into the power of e-Commerce? Online credit card processing connects your company’s website to a secure virtual terminal and lets you profit from the new global market while competing with the Big Boys on your own turf. Enter the online payment gateway and perform a variety of tasks including credit card transactions, authorizations, refunds, checking the status of transactions, setting up automatically recurring charges and running reports. And it’s all done securely with all the speed and efficiency the internet offers.

Are you ready to move beyond ordinary credit card processing? Let us show you how to leverage valuable new extended services. Contactless payments rely on with NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication) readers and credit card machines to appeal to tech-forward customers. Our online monitoring dashboard gives you access to your customers’ reviews on social media and lets you monitor your competition. Reward and gift card programs can help you increase revenue by attracting new customers and keeping existing customers feeling that you appreciate their business.

A solution for every situation—that’s payment processing from USB. Whether you’re new to accepting plastic or you’re ready to upgrade your current system, we can set you up with a merchant account and credit card processing services that match your current requirements and support your business needs for future growth.

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